Supa Bunne Helps Children Sleep, Laugh & Learn.

Think of Supa Bunnee as your child’s coach and mentor. Positive stories that help your child overcome developmental hurdles, fears and phobias.

Supa Bunnee Goes to Sleep by Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt.

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Help! No one has finished reading the book, help Supa discover how it ends.

Supa Bunnee Goes to Sleep Paperback – Large Print, July 3, 2018 by Rochelle L Cook (Author), Michael Glock Ph.D. (Editor), Debora Wolffenbuttel (Illustrator)

Supa Bunnee Helps Your Child

Overcome Issues

​Bed wetting, fear of monsters, nail biting, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Helps focus attention in ADHD, and helps relieve stress, fear, phobias, and overcome fear of doctors and shots, even “things,” under the bed. The stories also help when parents are separating or divorcing, test anxiety, first day of school, and sleeping alone— are behavioral issues that can be mitigated with hypnotherapy.

Created by

Rochelle L. Cook

Masters Spiritual Psychology + Clinical Hypnotherapy


Rochelle L. Cook M.A. Ch.t is a Clinical Pediatric Hypnotherapist who believes in using a, “Holistic Approach” to alleviating childhood development issues.


Children are typically wonderful hypnotic subjects because they have active imaginations that allow the hypnotherapist to easily and effectively induce the hypnotic state.


For example, a child can imagine themselves flying to the moon or have a tea party with their favorite pink elephant. Allowing the child to empower themselves through their own imagination is the healthy choice.


I work with adults and children in my practice in Los Angeles. Do you have an issue with your child? I offer a free consultation.

Supa Bunnee Testimonial from June
Drawing for June for Supa Bunnee
Rochelle L. Cook MA., CHt.
Supa Bunnee Goes to Sleep

Who is this fantastic rabbit?

Rochelle and her husband, Michael Glock Ph.D., have created a character that heals and transforms children’s negative emotions and feelings into more positive ones.

Why? Children have many challenges as they develop, Supa, helps your child successfully navigate these important milestones.


Each story creates shifts and relaxes stubborn attitudes and triggers the child’s imagination. Friendships are formed and ingrained unwanted behaviors magically change. An ever growing collection of stories have been crafted to gently assist the issues that arise during developmental growth.


When working with children, it is imperative that communication is targeted to the child’s imagination and fantasy world. In our practice, we have had the delightful experience of witnessing children hippity hopping out of the office with adorable little smiles and treasured giggles.
Supas stories are best used with one-on-one hypnotherapy; however, we have also seen children address and overcome struggles by simply listening to Supa Bunnee’s stories on a regular basis.


Repetition is the key to healing with Pediatric Hypnotherapy.

Supa Bunnee with her favorite carrot